NIPSET® Conversion System


Clean and desinfect existing cuffs and pressure hoses thorougly. Only use products which are in good working condition

2-lumen systems

1. Cut cuff and pressure hose connectors (about 2 cm)
2. Connect NIPSET® F002/M003 coupling
3. For DINAMAP® pressure hoses cut only 2-3 cm max
4. It might be helpful to warm the hose ends with either warm water or hot air blower.
5. The second lumen of the NIBP cuff cut 2-3 cm and seal it with a filler plug (provided by Nuova)

1-lumen systems

Follow the instructions as for 2-lumen systems as per above. The existing cuff connectors to be cut about 2 cm and replace by NIPSET® F001/M003

Neccessary tooling