ECG Cables and Leadwires 3-5 leads

ECG cables – Long lasting and cost effective

Nuova monitoring ECG cables and leadwires are all made of PUR/TPU cables means they are fully biocompatible. Our quality meets latest standards.
Instead of copper the inner conductors of most of our cables are made of special materials in order to provide good physical and electrical performance. Nuova ECG cables and leadwires are available for ARBO VS connect systems,  but also can be purchased with original connecting systems. You have the choice between single-piece overmoulded cables or seperate trunk cables with 3 or 5 leadwires. Nuova ECG cables are shielded, manufactured with highly durable clamps, color coded according to IEC or AHA standards. Snap connectors available on request

As from now we offer disposable leadwirs for most common monitors

NOTE: ECG cables are available with or w/o resistors (depending on OEM spec.) pls specify in your order

OEM possible, please ask us!

Version: Jan 01/2014