Reusable universal sensors

"Universal Touch Line" System made by Nuova

The innovative "One Sensor" Solution

The "Universal Touch Line"  solution is a step forward in standardizing the numerous sensor technologies  found in hospitals and clinics. What you need is just the robust "Universal Touch Line"  adapter cable for your individual monitor to connect to the "Universal Touch Line" Sensor. Once the monitors are equipped with the "Universal Touch Line" adapter cable you just need one type of  "Universal Touch Line" sensor for the the various monitor families (see picture above).

Feature and Advantages at a glance:

  • Less investment especially when monitors from various manufacturers are installed
  • Flexibility - because only one sensor type will be in use able to be connected to various OEM monitors.
  • Cost reduction by less stockpiling in the warehouse
  • Improved safety for the user because only one sensor covering numerous monitors
  • Erroneously connecting will be avoided. 
  • Autoclavable silicon rubber boot sensors available
  • Low cost conversion to "Universal Touch Line" adapter cables. Ask Nuova for conversion program
  • Following sensor types are available: Finger-Clip Sensor Adult, Finger-Clip Sensor Pediatric, Silicon Sensor Adult, Silicon Sensor Pediatric, Y-Sensor,  Ear Sensor
  • Made in Germany

Vers. Jun05/2013