Reusable NIBP Cuffs with bladder (NEW with color coded hoses)

  • Single and Double lumen available
  • Fully biocompatible: latex-free, PVC-free, biocompatible PU coating on cotton layer
  • With seperate bladder, exchangeable
  • Cleaning at 30oC washing machine,  or wipe-disinfection (see user manual)
  • PU coating on cotton layer, non-sensitive against humidity and staints
  • Indexline for precise patient fit and exact measuring
  • Equal pressure distribution over the total cuff and consequently increased accuracy and patient comfort
  • Connectors and extension hoses are available for all common monitors
  • 25 cm tubing length
Application Size
Infant: 10-19 cm
Pediatric: 18-26 cm
Small Adult: 20-28 cm
Adult: 25-35 cm
Large Adult: 33-47 cm
Thigh: 46-66 cm

Version May05/2015